Grumpy Princess Crown Jewels 

Show your inner Grumpiness and sparkle with these very ladylike glitter pendants! Just because you're cute doesn't mean you have to give a fuck. 

All jewelry handmade by grumpy princess and all proceeds help support the show and buy me stuff like nachos and more glitter

The Lady

You're a goddamn Lady. Accessorize like it. 


Smash the patriarchy! Long live the Femmepire!

Woke Ass Princess

Smash the Patriarchy. From the inside.


Jewelry fit for fuckin' royalty.

Go Away

Are you distractingly adorable? Get some Goddamn Peace and Quiet with the "Go Away" pendant.


For days when you are fancy, but also literally cannot even.


Yeah you are.

Fairytale Creatures - Glow

How do you identify?

Or Email Her Highness at and just ask for what you want!  She will probably make it for you.  If she fucking feels like it.