It's time to save the Kingdom

I HAD a plan to do a video this week, and actually filmed it already.  It’s about something small and silly.  I’ll do it later. But right now, all I can think about are Nazis.

I mean, I’m a princess. Matters of governance are important to me, and governance in this kingdom is a dumpster fire of white supremacist chaos. So yeah, I’m having a hard time focusing on anything else. Sorry not sorry.  We will return to our regularly scheduled absurdity and light snarky feminism soon.  

I may be an ironic fictional caricature of white female privilege, but in case you didn't notice, I’m unapologetically anti-racist.  And I’m fucking pissed.  Even for me. Which means, I’m probably too angry to be super eloquent, or coherent, but I’ll try. 

First off:  Are we all on the same page now?  Can we all agree that the white supremacists are a BIG FUCKING PROBLEM?  ok. good.  If you're not on board with the concept that white supremacy is bad, at this point I have nothing left to say to you.  You are beyond hope and reasoning, and any sane person should simply try their best to protect themselves from you.  

Also, is anyone still wondering if the president is racist?  It took days of hesitation to even condemn the white supremacists after they killed people.  He made sure to qualify every criticism of the Nazis by also blaming the counter-protesters who were standing up to them.  He made up an imaginary "alt-left" to blame for the violence instead of the actual real alt-right that was there beating people. THE KKK WAS HAPPY ABOUT HOW HE RESPONDED.  

OK. So now that we have established that Nazis are a problem and that the president is at the very least going to hinder efforts to address this problem (he is most likely one of them at worst):  What now?  

Well first of all, oh dearest grumplings: Ego check.  A lot of you are white.  White Grumplings! Are you feeling defensive?  Have you found yourself thinking (or saying) something along the lines of “don’t hold ME responsible for the actions of those shitty people!” “It’s not FAIR that people are so mad at white people right now!  We aren't all racist!”  

If you’re feeling any of those things, let me ask you a favor.  Don’t say any of that to people of color.  at all.  They have much bigger scarier things to think right now besides your feelings.  Like genocide.  

If you need to, talk about it with your white friends.  In fact, lets have a white moment here: You’re not under attack personally. When you hear someone who is upset say something about “White people being racist” just do this:  take a moment and re-write it in your brain to “(racist)White people being racist.”  That’s what they meant.  They are just to scared and angry right now to say all the words they mean and thats ok.  And then all you have to do is ACTIVELY work on anti-racism in yourself and the world, and then it doesn't apply to you. And then you're good.  So good, in fact, you don't even need to speak up to remind them that not all white people are racist. Cause you know its not about you.  Got it? great! 

Ok, now that we’ve done any necessary ego management: let’s talk about the first amendment.  Lots of well meaning people are arguing that we can’t restrict the Nazi’s right to gather and scream hateful threats because “freedom of speech.”  Hell, even the ACLU fell for this and advocated for the Nazis.  I get (I mean, I hope) that this comes out of fear that any restrictions of their hate-parties will result in further unfair restriction of progressive rallies and protests.  But that is already happening.  Just look at the difference between how unarmed Black Lives Matter Protesters are treated and how gun and flame toting white supremacists are treated by police.  Freedom of speech is already being granted unequally.  

But this is not just about speech for them.  I mean, the speech is an important part:  the things they are claiming freedom to say are threats and language intended to incite violence, neither of which is legally protected by the first amendment.  But that aside, they are orchestrating these events to start violent riots.  That is what they want, they know how do do it, and it is working.  

So unless you really are siding with Nazis- just stop with the freedom of speech argument. Please.  Thank you. 

Is anyone still on the fence?  If so, please go watch 3-7 WWII movies, sit down and think real hard about your priorities, and then get back to me.  

So how do you actively work against the real and dangerous racism thats happening right now? Here’s a couple of ideas:

Have a calm and firm conversation with anyone in your life who is racist, or is making excuses for racists/white supremacists. If you can’t do it calmly, thats ok. Do it anyway.  It will be uncomfortable and you might lose friends, but you’ll regret it on your deathbed if you don't confront this, and that is worse. 

Donate to causes that are standing up to white supremacy in america.  Here’s a few:

Charlottesville chapter of Black Lives Matter -

Charlottesville NAACP -

National Lawyers Guild (who provides legal services for those arrested protesting):

Check out  Resources for white people looking to address racism.  You know how I feel about niceness, ladies.  

Call your representatives and make a lot of noise about this.  Especially if you live in an area with planned white nationalist rallies coming up: Call your local government and demand that they refuse to grant permits for their gatherings.  Feel free to remind them of the reasons that what they are doing is not protected by the first amendment. 

If you don’t live in a place like that, call your state representatives and demand that they work towards impeaching Tr*mp or you will not vote for them again.

Denounce Nazis on Facebook, if you're into that sort of thing. 

Give your non-white friends a hug.  Tell them you are there for them, and then be there for them.  If you don't have any non-white friends, go make some. 

If you are POC, take care of yourself.  Ask for help, take breaks, remember to drink water, and give yourself permission to check out and do something fun if you're feeling overwhelmed. 


Screen shot from the Daily Stormer or, whatever their Nazi newsletter is called, on Saturday August 12th

Screen shot from the Daily Stormer or, whatever their Nazi newsletter is called, on Saturday August 12th

Oh and one more thing.  

There might not be a lot of other people that these fuckers care about in the world.  But apparently they do care about women.  probably more accurate: white women. because racism.  

They actually think this will get them chicks.

White women are probably the only demographic that has any leverage at all on these monsters.  And we can use that.  Do you know any racist assholes?  Do they like you?  Use that.  I don't mean pandering, and I don't mean yelling. (though if you wanna just yell at them, I support you in that).  I mean that if a racist asshole likes you, you have a unique opportunity to try to get them to listen to you, and perhaps to feel the negative effects of their viewpoint.  They may still not be able to hear you.  But I think at this point, if you find yourself in a position where a white supremacist actually is invested in you as a person, it's your patriotic duty as an American to politely, sweetly make it clear that you don't like racism, and if someone’s racist, you don't want to be around them.  *i only suggest politeness because these guys are insane and I want you to stay safe*

As Dan Savage said in his column earlier this week:  “Don’t fuck Nazis.”  Don’t fuck Nazis, don't fuck white supremacists, don't fuck Trump supporters, don't fuck racist people.  

Have you heard of the ancient Greek play Lysistrata, in which the women of Athens set out to end the Peloponnesian War by refusing to have sex with men?  

Let’s Lysistrata this bitch UP.  No pussy for Nazis.